Monumentum of Slava to Gluck

In the center of Krasnoyarsk, on the Yenisei embankment, there is an unusual monument “City Musician”. The prototype for him was an author and singer, the beloved by many residents of Krasnoyarsk, - Vyacheslav Zubkov, better known as the leader of the band “Invasion of Cacti”- Slava Glyuk.

The grand opening of the monument, which was attended by Glyuk’s relatives, acquaintances, just residents of the city, as well as the head of the Central District Dmitry Dmitriev, took place on August 28, 2015.

The monument is made in the form of a bench on which a musician sits with a guitar, and next to it lies a case from it, in which there are a cat, a cactus and a horse. By the way, during the opening of the monument, the sister of the musician Olga Zubkova came up with a new tradition: fortunately stroking a cat on the head or scratching it behind the ear.



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