Monument to the plumber "Uncle Yasha and the trainee" in Krasnoyarsk

The monument to the plumber "Uncle Yasha and the trainee" is interesting not only for its humorous plot, but also for its history. On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise Vodokanal, the enterprise management decided to erect a monument to the plumbing, but there was simply no idea how it should look like. And it arose completely by accident. During the next discussion of the project, the director of Vodokanal told a joke about an elderly plumber getting out of the stinking sewer hatch and ptentiously teaching his ward: “Learn, son, otherwise you'll give me keys all your life.”

It was this ironic plot that formed the basis of the sculptural composition. The sculpture Uncle Yasha and the trainee appeared in 2003 and immediately became attractive to the locals.

Photo: Mikhail Kvak

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