Monument Tsar Fish

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the famous Russian writer Viktor Astafyev, the original forged monument “Tsar Fish” was erected in 2004. It was erected in honor of the work of the same name, in which the generalized meaning of the struggle of man with nature is laid.
Tsar Fish is a sturgeon, which is a symbol of the taming and development of nature. In a fairy tale, a man tries to tame an animal, the struggle ends dramatically - a wounded fish king, not submitting himself to a man, leaves him at sea, carrying many hooks in his body.

Near the sculpture there is a beautiful observation deck, which is very popular among tourists holding their way to the village of Ovsyanka - the birthplace of Victor Astafyev. A wonderful view of the village of Sliznevo opens from here.



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