Memo: what to do if you meet a bear

A bear was spotted in the "Rattle Mane". Therefore, we are publishing a memo on what to do if you meet a clubfoot on your way, by the direction of the Ergaki Natural Park. We like it

Stay in a group of people.

The larger the group of tourists, the lower the risk of a bear attack. Move in a heap, do not stretch along the path.

Be loud and observant

Make your psence visible by talking or clapping - bears are not attracted to noisy companies. Keep an eye on the surroundings, pay attention to fresh tracks, droppings, obvious resting places for bears. Stay away from dead animals and piles of fish.

Incinerate or carry away food waste

You will not be able to bury the remnants of food in the ground so that the bears do not smell it. Remember that the food waste left behind is a source of food for the bear, and it will chase you for the rest of your trek.

Stay away from bears

Your approach can be regarded as aggressive behavior - and the bear is forced to react. Having met the cubs on your way in the nature park, do not try to approach them - their mother must be somewhere nearby. The she-bear may perceive you as a threat to the cubs and attack.

A bear standing on its hind legs is not aggressive

He tries to better see or smell what interested him.

A bear can approach you for a number of reasons.

From great curiosity to the demonstration that he is in charge here. And only in exceptional cases can he investigate you, and not your supplies, as potential py.

Move out of the way, looking towards the bear, but do not run.

Better not to look in the eyes, to hide behind the fold of the terrain. It is impossible to run away from a catching bear, it develops a speed of up to 50-70 km / h. You cannot turn your back on the beast. Endurance and composure will save your life.

Climbing a tree is not always a good decision.

Do not think that adult bears do not climb trees - this is a misconception. Keep calm.

If there are no shelters and shelters nearby, you must face the danger face to face. If the bear is approaching, speak to him in a low voice. If the tension builds up, scream and wave your arms. This is how you inform the bear that you are not intimidated. Stand with the whole group shoulder to shoulder, giving the impssion of one large creature.

Most attacks end before contact.

If the bear growls, he is threatening. But this does not mean that he will attack.

Even if the bear runs towards him with his head down and his mouth open, so quickly that there is no time to react. Until the very last moment, the hope remains that the bear will turn to the side.

If the bear attacks

Fall on your stomach to the ground and protect your face and neck. There is a possibility that the bear makes an attack for protection, and will stop when it senses that the source of the threat has been removed. If the bear does not stop after you take a defensive posture, chances are high that this is a pdatory attack. In this case, resist vigorously.

If a bear attacks you in your tent, resist!

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