Lake Vivi - the heart of Russia

In a sense, Lake Vivi, which is the geographical center of the country, can be called a place of power, because it serves as an invisible axis to all the lands of modern Russia ... Even the annexation of Crimea shifted this center point by only a few tens of meters. The huge heart of our Motherland with an area of 229 km², as it should be, is located in a very secluded and safe place, where there are no hiking trails and settlements - on the southwestern part of the Putorana plateau. 270 days a year, it is covered with a thick layer of ice. 133 rivers flow into the lake and only one, the Vivi River, originates here. Hydrologists have not yet been able to accurately measure the depth of the lake. They can only assume that it reaches 200 meters. You can get to Vivi only by helicopter. This is good. The heart of Russia is opened only to the devoted ones ... Photo by Mikhail Mitrofanov.

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