Karaulny Island

This is Karaulny Island on the Angara River in the Yenisei region of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. According to the legend, the beloved daughter of Lake Baikal, the beautiful Angara, fell in love with the Yenisei, and decided to run away to him. The father was enraged: one by one he put obstacles in her way - hundreds of shiver and ten thresholds. But nothing could stop the Angara. Being desperate, Baikal strained all his strength, and the huge rocks, flying a thousand kilometers, blocked the runaway at its very end - this is how the Strelkovsky threshold arose, and the largest fragment of it was Karaulny Island. ► In the XVIII — XIX centuries there was a Cossack guard, who collected tribute from all ships moving along the Angara. Photo by Andrey Logvinovich

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