Nazarovo is a city belonging to the western group of regions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, it is formed next to a brown coal deposit. Nazarovo is located on the shore of Chulymy, 192 kilometers from the regional center. The area of the settlement is 47 square kilometers, and the population is 50.4 thousand people.

In 1700, the Nazarovskaya village appeared on the site of the modern city, founded by Nazariy Patyukov, who arrived in these places from Tobolsk. Nazariy built his house near the mouth of the Adadymka river, and when other people began to build houses nearby, the settlement was called by the name of its founder – Nazarovo. In 1786, according to P. S. Pallas, 15 families lived in the village of Nazarovskaya, but after the Minusinsk tract, the population began to grow noticeably, and the city was actively developing.

What to see:

► Pokrova Bozhyey materi Temple

► Family park

► Museum and Exhibition Center on the history of the city, and the life of the local population.

► Monument to the founder of the city - Nazariy Patyukov.


Photo: from the archive of the Tourist Information Center


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