A polar day has begun in the North of the region

In the North of the region, the polar day began and it will last until July 25. Then it will be replaced by white nights, which will continue until August 15 ; Then twilight nights come.

A polar day is when the sun does not sink below the horizon for many days. It is believed that it is from this day that the true northern spring begins in the Arctic. You can go for a walk at any time and enjoy the silence of the city in the sunlight.

Do not confuse the white nights and the polar day - during the white nights twilight reigns, and the sun, though not for long (2-3 hours), still sets below the horizon

Video: a time-lapse of a full day during a polar day on the busiest street in Norilsk Leninsky Prospekt.

Photo for pview: Evgeny Kozlov

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