Memorial Estate of Yudin in Krasnoyarsk


The exposition of the museum-estate psents to visitors the heritage of its owner - Gennady Vasilievich Yudin (1840-1912), a merchant, distillery breeder, bibliophile and book publisher. Most of the museum's collection is dedicated to the history of the Yudin family, the history of his library, travels, the Leonidovsky distillery, as well as the life of Krasnoyarsk in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Separate halls tell about the life of the Decembrists and their wives during exile in the Yenisei province, as well as about the archaeological artifacts of Mount Athos, on which the estate is located.

The lifetime library of Gennady Yudin was brought by the famous library, which was considered the largest private book collection of p-revolutionary Russia. He collected a unique collection: about 100 thousand volumes and 500 thousand units of documentary sources. From March 9 to April 29, 1897 and in September 1898, V. I. Lenin worked in the library building. The history of the Yudinsky library reflected the tragic events of the beginning of the 20th century: having not found buyers in Russia, Yudin sold the library in the USA, where it became the core of the Slavic department of the Library of Congress.

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