Wood Plane Museum in Yeniseisk

If you still don’t know what a tsinubel, federgobel, jointer, shtap, humpback, and zenzubel is, you should definitely get to the Wood Plane Museum in the city of Yeniseisk! The story of its foundation is very simple: in 2008, a resident of the Yeniseisk Vitaly Islentiev found in his father’s shed a box with old wooden tools and realized that the craftsmen were buying new tools and the old ones were disappearing. And so he began to acquire and restore planes, of which there are more than 1,500 in the museum. His collection was added to the Russian Book of Records and the Guinness Book of Records several years ago!

The museum’s collection includes not only Russian planers, but also copies from Germany, France and other European countries. Among the exhibits there are simple wooden tools and real rarities - marked with quality marks and with special, valuable knives. There is even an 18th century English planer.

Right in the museum you can try planers in action. For modern boys who are not familiar with old instruments, this will be especially interesting. Cuts made by yourself will be remembered.

Address: Pioneer St., 5A, Yeniseisk.

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