Museum of the Krasnoyarsk Railway

The Krasnoyarsk Railway Museum has been working since 1987, and its collection contains about 14,000 exhibits! Here are psented the most interesting materials about the history of the Trans-Siberian railway, about the fate of hundreds of people who are the pride of the region and the Krasnoyarsk highway, as well as models, dioramas, old interiors and a real compartment of the sleeping car. By the way, the excursions around the museum are personally conducted by the vice director, Konstantin Vladimirovich Karpukhin.

Working hours:
Tuesday - Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm,
Sunday and Monday are days off.

Address: Krasnoyarsk, pr. Mira, 101
Phone: +7 (391) 229-22-28, 229-22-35.

Link to the virtual tour of the museum

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