Museum of toys and needlework in Krasnoyarsk

In Krasnoyarsk, opposite the city bus station, there is an amazing museum - a real dream of many girls and women - the Museum of Toys and Needlework. Here are collected more than four hundred dolls .... Porcelain, clay, celluloid, textile, wooden. wax, paper ... Dolls from around the world. According to collector Natalya Vladimirovna Safonova, each of her dolls lived a long and happy life. The most “adults” are over 180 years old. 

The museum has created a whole puppet city. Krasnoyarsk masters helped Natalya Vladimirovna in this situation. Using natural materials, construction waste, used commercial equipment, and all the little things stored in the bins of any needlewoman, they built houses, shops, a church, a theater, a fire station. They breathed life into the city ... Puppets here fall in love, raise children, go to visit each other, paint pictures, gamble and act on stage. Children misbehave, climb onto the roof without permission and loft balloons into the sky, make friends with cats and dogs. Girls read novels and dream of a prince on a white horse, and boys seek their attention. Everything is like people have. “I wanted to make a fairy tale. So that dolls and toys do not just stand in shop windows, but live in the atmosphere and era from which they came to us,”says the creator of the museum.

Opening hours: Wednesday-Saturday 11.00 - 19.30, Sunday 11.00 - 18.00
Address: Airport Terminal 15.
Phone: +7 (391) 220-07-07
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Based on materials from the group in VK "Sovetsky District | Krasnoyarsk

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