Museum of Artifacts at the Top of Grand Peak

It turns out that at the Grandiose peak, the highest point of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the relics of its conquerors, amazing for our contemporaries, have been pserved. At an altitude of 2,922 meters you will find bas-reliefs of V.I. Lenin, a memorial plaque in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lenin and metal tablets of different groups since 1967, dedicated to different dates of activity of Vladimir Ilyich, the Komsomol and the Soviet government. The Book of Departure and Arrival at the Grand Peak, which has been maintained since 1990 and is safely hidden in a plastic bas-relief of V.I. Lenin. In the book, all climbers celebrate their arrival: how many people, where, when, when they rose and wishes to the next conquerors.

In the photo, there are views from the top of the Grand Peak. Admire the beauty!

The author of the photo appears under the name Rimus on the forum.
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