Minusinsk Expressionist

Sergey Bondin is one of the venerable Minusinsk artists known in the Krasnoyarsk Region and beyond. Member of the Artists' Union of Russia.

Sergey is a member of numerous exhibitions in various cities of Russia and abroad. Personal exhibitions were held in Minusinsk, Abakan, Krasnoyarsk, Kalach, Kolomna, and Swedish cities. In Sweden, an album with the works of Sergey Bondin, a large art calendar (1993), and an Ask the Wind essay book  in Swedish with the author’s drawings were published.

Sergey Bondin works in a unique technique of earth painting. All paints are created on the basis of natural pigments, they are extracted from clay and earth. According to special recipes that were still used by primitive painters. Such paints have both resistance to atmospheric influences and a special spirit. The artist himself defined his style in art as "expssionism of a realistic direction." An interesting fact is that the artist considers Andrei Pozdeyev to be one of his teachers.

The artist’s works are in the Minusinsk Regional Museum of Local Lore, Permafrost Museum (Igarka), Kalmar Historical Museum (Sweden), Oskarshamn Institute of Arts (Sweden), private collections in Russia, Sweden and the USA.

► See more of the artist’s works here.

Artist's photo by Valery Blinov

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