Dmitry Mindiashvili - freestyle wrestling

Dmitry Georgievich Mindiashvili  is a Soviet and Russian athlete, USSR master of sports in freestyle wrestling and the legendary coach of wrestlers who won at the Olympic Games and world-class competitions.

Dmitry Georgievich was born on June 4 in 1933 in Tbilisi, after demobilization in 1955, D. G. Mindiashvili worked as a driver on the construction of the Abakan-Taishet railway and already in 1956 moved to Krasnoyarsk, worked as a driver on the construction of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station, a communal bridge through the Yenisei and other objects. All this time, Mindiashvili continued to engage in classical, or Greco-Roman wrestling under the guidance of his first coach Anatoly Alekseevich Solopov.

Since 1958, Dmitry Georgievich was engaged in coaching and brought up a galaxy of outstanding wrestlers: two-time Olympic champion Ivan Yarygin; the first in the history of Russian wrestling and the second in world history three-time Olympic champion Buvaysar Saytiev, Olympic champion Sagid Murtazaliev and other stronge fighters. In 1972 and 1976 he was recognized as the "Best Trainer of the Soviet Union", and in 2000 - "The Best Trainer of Russia in the XX Century." By the way, it was D. G. Mindiashvili’s initiative in 1973 in Krasnoyarsk when the first School of Higher Sports Mastery in Wrestling was opened in Siberia and the Far East, which brought up more than one generation of strong-willed athletes under his leadership.




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