Places of the Krasnoyarsk region that will surprise you

If you have already “been everywhere” and “have seen everything”, then here is a list of places in the region, learning about which you will say: "Wow!"


The photo shows the amazing buttes of the Kuturchinskoe Belogorie, which is only few hours drive from the city of Krasnoyarsk. The places here are wild and taiga, the distance is 200 km along the road towards Kuragino through Shalinskoe and Narva. You need to get to Vyyezhy Log, and there it is up to you to choose a parking space. The trip to Kuturchina usually takes two days.

In Krasnoyarsk, several tourist clubs organize trips to the Kuturchinskoe Belogorie, for example the tourist club Siberian Foxes, the tour operator Altamira. You can also arrange a your own tour by taking an intercity bus to the village of Ivanovka (travel time is almost 5.5 hours), and then go back by train from Mana station (the same 5 hours).

Unfortunately, the author of the photo is unknown.


A private territory in the Biryusinsky Bay area, a sandy beach with tree roots resembling huge squid-like creatures. This is your "everything at once" option  - a picnic, an unusual photo session and a wonderful walk along the Biryusinsky Bay, views of the Kozyreevsky Zub, a visit to the Tsar's Gate and the Mamontov Cave, the Bezymyanny Cape. More information about excursions and photo trips to the site can be found in the community

Photo: Elena Stogova


Let’s go to Kamenny Gorod! It is located in the Ergaki Natural Park. Huge natural stone sculptures - the flaky, like a cake, outlines of rocks, those Ergaki that are not open to everyone. It is better to say in the words of the lucky ones who managed to visit this mysterious place: “There were only three of us in the Kamenny Gorod and not a soul anymore, so there was a feeling that this performance was given only for us. And what a ringing silence was around ... And only drops of rain falling from the trees and the rustle of moss falling underfoot had the sounds in there ... We all felt that the Kamenny Gorod was alive, breathing ... And I wanted to stay longer, but it was already getting dark ... This is how we discovered another place of Power. "

If you are also interested to make a trip to this mystical place, then, you need to know, that it is located 28 km from the recreation center "Ergaki" (600 km from Krasnoyarsk). But you cannot get to Kamenny Gorod by car, the road there  is for all-terrain vehicles or for all-wheel drive jeeps. Here is the phone number of the person in charge for transfer: +7 913 519 8588, - it was given to us at the Visit Center of the Ergaki Natural Park. The car costs 4500 rubles. You can split this cost for 7-8 people.

Photo: Karina Eliseeva


The Krasnoyarsk region is fraught with many mysteries, and one of them is the Koyskoe Belogorie - a mountain range located in the remote taiga of the Partizansky District, not far from Kuturchinskoe Belogorie. What is the mystery, you ask? And the fact is that the Koi buttes, like the Kuturchinsky ones, are considered by some researchers to be artificially created. And they find confirmation of their hypothesis in the unusually correct shape of the stones of which the rocks are made, as well as in the skillful combination of different stone rocks. On Youtube you find several films about expeditions to Koiskoe Belogorie, in which you can personally see the findings of these independent researchers. For example, here. They believe that once upon a time these were not rocks, but the buildings of ancient civilizations, whose technical development was much higher than ours, but these civilizations were destroyed by an unknown cataclysm or war. Researchers include to such megalithic structures the already mentioned Kamenny Gorod in the Ergaki natural park in the Karatuz region, the Sem’ Bratyev (Seven Brothers) cliffs in the Kuraginsky region, the Karatag mountain, the Topolsky rocks in the Dzerzhinsky region and, surprisingly, Krasnoyarsk Stolby.

The authors of the photo are unfortunately unknown.


An open-air monument and a large-scale gallery of rock art, Shalobolinskaya Pisanitsa (scripture), is about 500 planes with drawings along 3 km of the rock massif. It is located on the banks of the Tuba River,

near the villages of Shalobolino and Ilyinka in the Kuraginsky district of the Krasnoyarsk region.

According to the chronological framework, the drawings cover the period from the Neolithic, VI-IV millennia BC, up to the ethnographic modernity. They are made by knocking out, rubbing, engraving. Petroglyphs are located at a height of 1.5 m to 150 m. Here you can see images of masked anthropomorphic figures, masks, women in labor, images of pdators, various animals and unseen creatures, solar symbols and signs.

Now the Shalobolinskaya Pisanitsa is being studied and restored. In the near future, it is planned to create a protected historical and cultural reserve area. Currently, this monument is under state protection.

More information about the attraction from the enthusiasts of the Kuraginsky district, on the territory of which the attraction is located Vladimir Nikulkin


Divine heavenly maiden. This is the translation of the name of the ancient sanctuary and stone statue of Tiger Tas Obaa, which is located in the Sharypovsky district of the Krasnoyarsk region. This is a real place of power for those who know and feel the energy. On the forums, people write that the idol's body is unusually relaxed, and the eyes are filled with tears. According to legends, an ancient statue, which is more than 4 thousand years old, heals from infertility. Therefore, those who cannot get pgnant for a long time, who are lonely and want to meet their love, and those who wish to restore ruined family happiness go to the Heavenly Virgin. There are several opinions on how better to ask the Heavenly Virgin to fulfill a cherished desire. Someone conducts long shamanic rituals here, someone believes that the stone idol needs to be touched, someone, on the contrary, says that you must not touch it, someone walks in circles and bows ... But our advice to you: trust your body, it will always tell you exactly what needs to be done!

How to get there: better by car, you have to drive about 350 km from Krasnoyarsk to the village of Maloye Ozero in the Sharypovsky district. The sanctuary is located on a low Mount Popereshka, near the road to Maloe Ozero, opposite the Kamenny Gorodok burial ground.

Photo made by the Department of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Sharypovsky District


In the Motyginsky District of the Krasnoyarsk region, there is a silent witness of bygone times - the Taseevsky Idol - the northernmost stone cult complex, which has no analogues in Russia. Similar figures have been found only in Mongolia on the border with China. It belongs to the early Iron Age, Scythian era, dated 4th century BC - 1st century AD. When people talk about this place, they usually mention the Idol, a stone with the face of an old man carved on it, but in fact there is not one, there are four of them here. Archaeologists have also found more than a thousand antiquities: weapons, arrowheads, spears, decorations of Siberian shamans and objects of Scythian culture - artistic casting, bronze on the territory of the complex and along the Taseeva River. This indicates that in the past the place was cult and very visited. Because of the magnetic anomaly here, lightning often strikes tall pines. Scientists explain - there is no mysticism, just a high iron content in the soil. Route details:

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