Manskaya loop


Oh, Manskaya loop, how many hearts you have conquered! People come here for an unforgettable view, to meet the sunrise, admire the sunset, spend the night under the starry sky, take stunning pictures, have a picnic and spend time actively with family and friends. How to get to such beauty, we tell in our route card.

Distance from Krasnoyarsk to the starting point of the walking part: 40 km (from city center, one way)

Location: Mansky village

Travel time by car to the starting point of the walking part (there and back): 2 hours

Travel time by bus to the starting point of the walking part (there and back): 4 hours

The length of the walking route in both directions (round trip): 7 km

Starting the way down from the parking lot, the route runs partly along a shallow barrow along the Mana bank, along which you need to walk 2 kilometers. Then the path at the fork will take you to the left uphill. The path is long and mainly goes through loose mountain soil, overgrown with wild grasses, which is quite difficult for an unppared pedestrian. The height is gained gradually. The most difficult part of the route is the last meters among trees, bushes, black soil and stones slipping out from under your feet, and pieces of rock. Even the slightest rain blurs the steep path into a dirty and dangerous mess, and the ascent becomes extremely difficult and unpleasant. Be careful and remember that safety on the route is of paramount importance, and your reward will be stunning views of Mana, taiga and invigorating fresh air!

Important! In rainy and snowy weather, descent from a steep peak is fraught with falls for unwary travelers - take care of yourself, descend carefully, without rushing! Return in the same way as you came along the bank of Mana.

Travel time from the starting point of the route to the sight of the Manskaya Loop, excluding the time for a picnic and photo session (round trip): 4.5 hours

Difficulty level: • • • • (4th level of difficulty)

Things to do?

• Trekking walking
• Active walks
• Stunning views of Mana
• Fresh taiga air
• It is possible to meet a bear!

Where to have a snack?

You can buy snacks and drinking water at the “Vse dlya vas” grocery store in the village Mansky at Solnechnaya st., 62

Recommended to take with you: thermos with hot drinks, sandwiches and drinking water

What to take with you?

- Portable charger (Power Bank)
- Camera
- Trekking poles
- Portable first aid kit
- Matches
- Flashlight
- Remedy for ticks, for example, aerosol "Refamid Antiklesch Extra" (in summer)

How to dress?

• According to the season of the year; be sure to take warm dry clothes and windproof clothing, a hat in hot weather.
• In winter: "spare" socks, mittens, fleece jacket (adhere to the rule of 3 layers in clothes), heating pads, thermal underwear, trekking shoes with non-slip soles and tight fit of the foot.

How to get there?

Option number 1: car

Type in the city map "2GIS" the address of the recreation center "Manskaya Loop", which will be your guide for the starting point of the walking part of the route: Mansky village 9/1 and click on the "let's go" icon. Once you reach the base, see the description below for finding parking for your car.
 If you do not use a navigator: you need to leave the center of Krasnoyarsk in the direction of Divnogorsk, get to the village of Mansky, enter the village, then move along the streets Krasnoyarskaya and Solnechnaya, go down to the river bank until the road hits a dead end. The main thing is to keep parallel to the river all the time. Cars are usually parked at a dead end of the street, where the mountain is on the left, and the houses of the camp site and residential buildings are on the right. You're at the place! Park and start your journey from here along the coast. See route description above.

Option number 2: bus

If you are planning to go by bus, then you need to take route number 146. The bus departs from the Intercity Bus Station. You need to get to the village of Ust-Mana. Then take bus number 104 and go to Mansky village. The final stop is also called  Mansky village. Further, we recommend taking a taxi (8-923-282-29-77; 8-913-044-16-27) for about 100 rubles, since the walk to the starting point of the route is almost 3 km. The total travel time will take about 2 hours one way.

Option number 3: taxi

A trip from the center of Krasnoyarsk will cost you about 850 rubles one way. But if you go in a company of 2-3 people, then you can save your budget a little.


An important thing: you need to look for a parking space on a dirt site at a dead end of the street, but it is worth remembering that it is not always possible to park a car, so it is better to arrive in the morning.


Call the Emergencies Ministry and indicate the route, tel .: 01 or 101
Do not take animals with you

Children: 14+

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