Flights over Krasnoyarsk

The travel agency "United Tourism Center" has a special offer for those who are attracted by the sky - an air trip over Krasnoyarsk for one person on a light aircraft.
Route options:
► Introductory flight, in 10 minutes of which you can circle around the airfield or fly to Tatyshev Island and back.
Cost: 4000 ₽
► Flight from the airfield to the Island Otdyha and back. It will take 15 minutes.
Cost: 5000 ₽
► Flight from the airfield over 4 bridges to the "Bobrovy Log" and back. 25 minutes.
Cost: 7000 ₽
► Flight from the airfield to Ust-Mana and Manskaya Loop and back. 35 minutes.
Cost: RUB 8,000
► Flight from the airfield to the hydroelectric power station and back. 45 minutes
Cost: 12000 ₽
► Flight from the airfield to the beautiful Biryusa along the Yenisei through Divnogorsk and Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. On the way back, you can fly through the Manskaya loop and Ust-Mana. 60 minutes
Cost: 15000 ₽
► Exclusive night flight over Krasnoyarsk with landing at Krasnoyarsk International Airport named after D.A. Khvorostovsky. 50-60 minutes.
Cost 25000 ₽
◉Reservation by phone: 8 (391) 208-00-38; 280-08-48; 209-08-48
Call from 10.00 to 19.00 hours.

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