Stairs to Torgashinsky Range

Torgashinsky range is a must-see or the place that you do have to see in Krasnoyrsk besides the Stolby Nature Reserve. It has become much easier to get to the top of the range and to look at Krasnoyarsk from height since Russia’s longest stairs is situated here. It will help to get to the popular tourist paths, rocks and caves. It is worth noting that with the onset of darkness the stairway reminds a lying dragon — such an effect is created thanks to night lightening. Do have a look at this — it will be fascinating!
The stairs to Torgashinsky range has been included into the Russian Book of Records as the longest one in the country. To get to the top of the range one has to cover 1683 steps. Are you ready for climbing? So, take our instructions.
You can get to the beginning of the stairs by public transport, private car or taxi. The easiest way to do it is to go by bus. 
By bus
You can comfortably get to the new attraction by bus number 37. The bus goes from the city railway station through the city center, crosses the Yenisey over the Communal Bridge and then making some stops follows to "Grenada". The trip from the start point to the final destination takes about an hour. 
By car
The distance from the centre of Krasnoyarsk to the Grenada camp is about 14 km and takes 20-30 minutes to drive. You can enter Bazayskaya Street 347/1 in a navigator. It should be taken into account that the parking area is just for about 20 cars  while  the number of those who want to leave cars is very big. So, we advise to come early in the morning. Then pass the barrier and go to the territory of the Grenada camp. The entrance is free of charge and is open from 8.00 to 22.00.
Walk 50 more meters — and you are at the place. Here are some cafes where you can drink tea or coffee and eat a sandwich or burger. On the lower ground there is a warm toilet.  
Study the information on the stand, feel the power of the trip and start it. 
The total climb will be 240 meters — unbelievable, but this is the height of 8 nine-storeyed buildings. The stairs is delicately interwoven into the slope and underlines its natural reliefs , so one can go upstairs more vividly than in a usual multi-storeyed building.
The way upstairs with an average temp with stops for beautiful photos takes  40-50 minutes, the way back is 20-40 minutes. There are lot of beautiful points on the way. Here are many things to admire —  the city, picturesque nature and rocks. Photos in the natural photo zone under hanging branches of trees will for sure get lots of likes.
Even if you are a "sofa" or "office" tourist, you will quite easily and quickly get to the 300th step. Please, mind that having this level of physical condition your muscles can get sore by the end of the route and you will need more time to descend. 
Find the key points of the distance in the video — you will know how many steps you are able to cover if you can’t reach the finish.
And this is a life hack how to distribute your forces to walk the whole distance of 1200 meters: make stops on the long steps. There are three large grounds where you can have a rest, drink tea, take lots of selfies and panorama photos  without disturbing other tourists:
  • 115 steps
  • 707 steps
  • 1604 steps
Other 79 steps — and victory! You’ll get a wonderful view aw a prize. You can fully enjoy it comfortably sitting on the chairs at the bar counter. There you can regain forces and have a bite after climbing. 
If you have more time, combine walking upstairs with studying suburbs or a trip along some route, visiting a cave or rockshelters — there is plenty of them there. You can find them in the app "Krasnoyarsk Hiking".
Life hacks: 
  • It is certainly worth taking a windproof hooded jacket and a gaiter — it is very windy closer to the top;
  • It is better to plan 2 trips to Torgashinsky range — during daytime and in the evening or do it at once as in the evening the lightening at the stairs is turned on;
  • It is good to quench your thirst and restore thermoregulation with the help of tea; but after such climbing you’ll want to drink some water as well;
  • You can take healthy food for birds and animals — there are feeders on the way;
  • If you are going for a short walk on the range , it’s better not to wear footwear with white outsole, put on tracking boots;
  • It’s more comfortable to go down wearing round toed boots with non-slip thick sole, tightly fixing ankles.    

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