Life hack: what products to take with you on a hike

- Buckwheat

- Rice

- Hercules

- Lentils

- Pasta (less sticky in the form of spirals)

- Soy meat

- Potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, beets, greens for soups (it is better to dry vegetables before the hike to make the backpack lighter)

- Dried fruits and nuts or energy bars made from it all with added honey

- Sweet: chocolate, cookies, kozinaki, condensed milk in soft packaging instead of milk and sugar

- Hard cheese

- Raw smoked sausage, vacuum packed sausages

- Vacuum packed stew / dry meat

- Canned fish

- Salt, favorite spices

- Cocoa, tea, coffee

- Vegetable oil / ghee / lard

- Bread or biscuits instead of bread

⚪ Bring at least two pots or pans with you. In one, you will cook porridge and soups. In another, boil water for tea or coffee.

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Published: Tuesday 04 August 2020

Published: 04.08.2020
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