June 24 Krasnoyarsk Museum of Local Lore invites children to an online quest

The Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum of Local Lore invites children from 7 to 12 years old to the online quest ‘The Secret of an Old Letter’, timed to coincide with the 1945 Victory Parade.

On June 24 at 11am on the Zoom platform, you:
√ fly into the sky on the fighter of pilot Nikolai Totmin;
√ fight for the polar port of Dikson together with the ‘Sibiryakov’ icebreaker;
√ get to know the chief surgeon of evacuation hospital №1515 and complete medical examination. of the sick and wounded;
√ go to the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda on a reconnaissance mission with Lieutenant Efim Belinsky;
√ take out the accordion of Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky from the case and sing ‘Tango of Love’;

► Registration for the quest is required. Email Irina Galunskaya https://vk.com/id17116369

Published: 19.06.2020
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