Do you want to take a good steam? So, it’s high time to book a hot bath with outdoors fonts!

► Bath Complex Bobry
This is a big bath complex situated in the village of Drokino at the bank of the Kacha river. There are 13 baths in the territory of the complex: a Finnish sauna with dry steam and classical Russian baths with panorama windows. Each bath has its heated font. The bath complex works around the clock.  

• Cost: from 1000 to 5700 rubles per hour, depending on the number of guests and the chosen bath.

• Address: Drokino village, Lazurnaya st., 1
• Telephone:  + 7 (391) 228-70-44

Elite Rest Complex Bannaya Zaimka
Russians wood-fired baths for real amateurs of steam with cozy  rooms, fonts with hot and cold water. The minimal time of staying is 2 hours, so be ready for a lasting rest, by the way, it’s for the best.
• The cost is the morning hours (06:00-16:00) is from 1500 rubles per hour per hour, in the evening, during holidays and days-off is from 2000 rubles per hour. The font and the room are extra paid.
• Address: Bazayskaya st., 321/29
• Telephone: +7 (391) 254 92 97


► Bath Complex Yolki i Volki
Here traditional Russian wood-fired bath, to be exact – the whole complex with several baths, aromatic brooms of birch, fur and oak, and wooden fonts with water. There are several cottages in the territory, a pine forest with squirrels is nearby, and in general, beauty is around.
• Cost: from 2000 rubles per hour, accommodation in a cottage – from 8000 rubles per night.
• Address: Kuraginskaya st., 241
• Telephone: +7 (391) 285-32-72
► Warm Baths Sunduki
Russian birch wood-fired bath with a steam room which can accommodate up to six people. Here you can take a steam bath, enjoy water procedures in a heated font, order tasty dishes, make barbeque and stay for a night.
• Cost: from Monday to Thursday 2200 rubles per hour up to 6 persons, staying of an extra person will cost 500 rubles. Friday-Sunday is 2500 rubles per hour with the same  conditions. The usage of font and recreation room costs extra 1000 rubles for each option for the whole time of staying.
• Address: Bazayskaya st., 343
• Telephone: +7 (913) 507-50-40


Country Complex Kamennaya Rechka with the bath

In the recreation complex you can stay in cozy and stylish BARNHOUSE style houses accommodating 4 people, relax  in the bath with a spacious terrace for up to 6 persons. Near the bath there is an equipped barbeque zone.  

• The cost of the bath: Monday-Thursday 2000-2500 rubles per hour up to 6 persons. Friday-Sunday 2500-3000 rubles per hour. 
• Address
с: eco-village of Polesye, Yemelyanovo village
• Telephone: +7 (953) 585-00-08

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