Local brands from Krasnoyarsk region

Some clothes by local brands can certainly be а really cool souvenir from a trip. Firstly, it is a good investment for a long perspective, and secondly, each time putting on a Siberian new outfit, you’ll remember about your trip to the Krasnoyarsk region.

Rock Pillars
In 1991 in Krasnoyarsk the brand of clothes which has been tested by Siberian frosts, the High North with its subarctic climate and even severe highlands, was created. For over 30 years of the company’s work the production of this brand has excellently established itself not only in Russia, but abroad as well. Clothes and related tourist goods – tents and sleeping bags – can be seen among tourists either on Kamchatka volcanos, or at the lakes of Argentina.
Different collections of goods allow to choose clothes for any aims. So, if you are a city person, but like to have a rest at nature and don’t miss any opportunity to do it even in winter, so, a city collection by Rock Pillars is for you. And if you would like to conquer Dixon, it’s obviously better to do it wearing outfit from Arctic collection. If you are going  to Ergaki to conquer the Western Sayans, you’ll certainly need a tent and a comfortable sleeping bag. 
MUST BUY: Take a down costume Umka for your children and a down jacket or coat for yourself – whatever you choose, it will be warm and reliably protects from snow and wind! By the way, the name of your outfit will especially please you – do you agree that when you are warmed by a parka Evenkiyka or a Putorana jacket, it’s enjoyable as possible.
► Cartel & Bestia
The second shop in our list has established itself as a provider of cool and mainly quality outfit for mountains and city. There are over 25 foreign and Russian brands of footwear, clothes and accessories, as well as different stuff (snowboards, skis, roller skates, longboards) psented here. But the most important is that the team doesn’t just bring the well-known, comfortable and quality goods, but has created its own production since 2007. The team creates blank clothes; it means they will match everything. There is really everything for everyone - jackets, vests and sweatshirts for cold time and light T-shirts and dresses for hot summer, and of course, warm-soft-cozy accessories – bonnets, mittens and caps.
And another interesting fact is that the guys do not only choose clothes according to the clients’ demands, but they promote healthy lifestyle themselves organising and sponsoring many sports and music events. By the way, in their VKontakte group you can learn great facts about snowboarding, Alpine skiing and skateboarding – this is fascinating! :)
MUST BUY: Everything that is necessary for comfortable walks in the street: thermostat with microfleece, technological costumes and overalls, mittens and balaclavas (fashionable guys know that this accessory looks cool even in the city!). And if whenever you see snow you have a desire to stand on a snowboard, go to the guys and buy protection for back-knees-head, details for snowboard bindings and even a lock with a cable for the safety of your equipment. 
► SLAVAKA Clothes
The guys appeared at the market with their cool sweatshirts in 2015. Most of you have certainly seen the guys wearing eye catching sweatshirts with proud signatures Yenisey Batushka or Siberian People – they are our heroes :)
For 8 years the brand has produced a lot – T-shirts and shorts, warm vests and shirts, caps and hats and even socks and cool shoppers. So, the enterprise has seriously grown, but the approach has remained the same as it was in the beginning – to make limited editions of good quality in order customers from all over Russia as well as those from Austarlia to the USA could proudly wear exclusive clothes made in Siberia. 
90 per cent of all goods is locally produced in Krasnoyarsk. A part of the production is made with the help of Russian and South Korean partners. Each item produced by SLAVAKA Clothes serves at the longest distance – we can assure you looking at our colleague who demonstrates us his ideal bright T-shirts and other clothes day by day. And one more reason, when you wrap yourself into a warm sweatshirt, put on bright socks and start a new trip with a shopper in your hands, you’ll certainly have memories about cold, but caring Siberian Krasnoyarsk.  
MUST BUY: You have to buy a bright sweatshirt (our favourite colour is blue electric) with the signature Siberian People, to make everyone know that you have conquered this divine region :) Even in the hottest season in the hottest country you will certainly need this thing because, as a rule, there, starting from the airport and finishing with small supermarkets, air conditioners are turned up too high. And somewhere in the north a sweatshirt is a must have. As for the compact socks, caps, hats and shoppers – of course, everyone needs them!
In 2017 the brand with a romantic name Xvoya (that means needles) spontaneously appeared. It’s already the seventh year, the team has pleased the amateurs of mountains with its beautiful and, first of all, good quality snowboarding clothes. Every day at the enterprise  in Krasnoyarsk the local tailors with 25-years experience sew anoraks, jackets, hoodies for snowboarding, warm costumes, windbreakers and others. The creators are inspired by nature, it becomes obvious, if you just look at the shades of clothes – here is an anorak of winter taiga colour, and next to it there is a hoodie which can be easily hidden on a sandy shore. But there are also bright colours which will make you well seen on the slope, and this will seriously increase your safety. There are about 20 shades available – all of them are wonderful!
The team of Xvoya listen to their clients and harmoniously, as it happens in nature, improve their goods for more comfort. By the way, you can order even individual tailoring!
MUST BUY: Do you want some tenderness? – Choose an anorak of Flamingo colour. Do you want to be brighter? – So, a membrane costume of terracotta colour is your variant.
And finally, there is the youngest brand in our list - IACO. The history of this team started in 2019, when the creator Elena Donskikh, pparing for her first surfing experience, faced the problem that it was very difficult to find a swimming suit with stylish design and affordable price. It was the moment when the idea, which soon realized in IACO, had occurred.
Of course, it didn’t go without capsule collection for Siberians, as recently either residents, or guests of the region, have actively caught waves on the Yenisey and the Krasnoyarsk sea. Everything from the quickly changing weather to the opportunity to do different sports in the same clothes was taken into account. Just imaging, after the cool wind, the sun has appeared, and you just take off your rush guard and stay wearing only a comfortable top at the Yenisey bank to do a short cooldown after sup-board trip. 
The creators of IACO think it’s not important where you are, in Siberia or at the Indian ocean shore, water inspires and unites millions of people, filling their lives with new challenges and adventures, freedom and high.
MUST BUY: Cool one-piece swimming suits with bright prints for girls and comfortable rush guards for any situations – for boys. Believe, in summer you’ll take this bright remind from your holidays in soulful Krasnoyarsk from a shelf with great pleasure!

PHOTO: social nets of Abalak, Kartel Bestia, SLAVAKA Clothes, XVOYA, IACO.

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