Krasnoyarsk flies in space

Krasnoyarsk guide Elena Bershadskaya told an interesting fact. It turns out that Krasnoyarsk is not only on earth, but also in space! No, not a city, not a planet, but an external asteroid from the asteroid belt at number 38046! We must say that his company is not bad :) An asteroid belt was discovered in 1998 by astronomer E.V. Elst at the European Southern Observatory.

By the way, “Krasnoyarsk” is called the very first piece of meteorite found by earthlings. It happened in 1749 in the remote taiga of the Novoselovsky district of the Krasnoyarsk Region. After 23 years, a 680-pound iron-stone block was shown to the German and Russian scientist Peter-Simon Pallas, and he sent it to St. Petersburg for study. Since then, the meteorite has also become known as the Pallas Iron.

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