Beautiful Coast in Krasnoyarsk

The observation deck “Beautiful Coast” is one of the most popular and beautiful places in Krasnoyarsk, because it offers wonderful views of the banks of the Yenisei. It is these beauties that attract tourists, lovers and honeymooners who come here to take stunning pictures. An observation deck stretches along a high cliff for several hundred meters. From here you can admire the right bank of Krasnoyarsk, with its Pillars Nature Reserve, Takmak Rock and Bobrovy Log, as well as the cozy village of Udachny, located at the bottom of the cliff, on the left bank, with its pearl, the Svyato-UspenskiyMonastery. We recommend to visit the "Beautiful Beach" and at night, when the city lights are on. You can get to the "Beautiful Beach" (Akademgorodok St., 5) by car or by bus. Route stop: No. 2, 38, 63, 83. Source: Photo by Zhukov M.

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