Nomadic festival “Brusnika”

Nomadic festival “Brusnika” or, as it is also called, “Gifts of the North Yenisei district” is an annual project that takes place in the village of North Yenisei in mid-September. It is attended by gardeners, fishermen, hunters and collectors of wild plants, collectors, writers, poets and artists from the North Yenisei Region. They gather here to boast of their rich harvest or to sell its surplus, to demonstrate their creative talents and to share with others useful experiences in crop production, animal husbandry, handicraft and gathering of wild plants. Well, guests come here to buy taiga berries and mushrooms, homemade cakes, milk, sour cream, cheese, pickles, marinades and pserves, meat and game, books by local authors, postcards and much more!

► All the details of the upcoming fest in the group in VK

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