Kinzeluksky waterfall

“From afar, the canvas of the waterfall looks like a fragment of a cloudy sky that suddenly cut through directly from the side of the mountain,” wrote the Austrian traveler Stauzer about Kinzelyuksky waterfall. 328 meters of gray-steel water cascade in the middle of the taiga cannot leave anyone indifferent! This is the second highest waterfall in Russia! And it is located in the east of the Kuraginsky district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, near the border with the Irkutsk Region. Located in Tofalaria, in a hard-to-reach mountainous area on the northeastern slopes of the Kinzelyuksky ridge, which is the western end of the Agulsky Belkov, East Sayan. How to get there It is not easy. Travel companies offer pick-up by helicopter or by water-motor transport to the base camp (tents or summer houses). You can also get to the waterfall yourself: from the Krasnoyarsk bus station by bus to the village of Stepanovka, Irbeysky district (4 hours on the way), and then ask local residents to take them to GAZ-66. The path is not close - 6 hours drive - runs along the dirt road of the Idar Belogorye to the base camp "Summer Agul". Season: June to August. Authors of photos are unknown.

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