Ilansky was founded in 1645 as the village of Ilanskaya and only in 1939, by order of the authorities, the settlement received the official status of the city.

The city is located on the Ilanka River, in honor of which the city got its name, and the name of the river, in turn, came from the name of the prince who lived in these places.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Ilansky was one of the few proletarian centers of revolutionary struggle in Siberia. Several memorial sites associated with these events have been pserved. In the 1930s, the Ilansky railroad set a number of Stakhanov records. In memory of the labor exploits of local machinists-Stakhanovites, a locomotive of the EM brand is installed on the station square of Ilansky.

Today, the city of Ilansky is not only the administrative center of the Ilansky district, but also a large railway junction. The railway is the heart of the city, and actively developing railway transport enterprises are its hallmark.

What to see:

► Steam engine EM – 730–73, a monument in honor of the Ilansky railway workers

► The obelisk in the railway park, established in honor of the participants in the uprising against the forces of counter-revolution.

► Museum of the locomotive depot on the history of the development of railway transport in this region, workers and advanced workers in this industry.

Photo: Alexander Nerozya.

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