Byrranga Mountains

Byrranga Mountains - the northernmost mountain system in Russia, located on the Taimyr Peninsula in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The mountains stretch for 1,100 kilometers from the Yenisei Gulf of the Kara Sea to the Laptev Sea. The highest point of Byrrangi is 1125 meters. 270 days a year there is snow. But it’s not the cold that makes this region severe and unfavorable for life, but a very strong wind. The slopes and peaks of these gloomy mountains are indented by river valleys, often covered with glaciers (there are 96 of them) and talus (Kurums) that form stone “rivers” and “seas”. The vegetation is sparse, mosses and lichens. There are no settlements. Even the Nganasans, wandering to the very coast of the Arctic Ocean, did not enter the Byrranga Mountains. They said of this place: “There is a kingdom of evil spirits, stone and ice, nothing more. There is death. ” They are sure that this is where the Land of the Dead is located. How to get there: the only way is a helicopter from Norilsk, Khatanga or Dikson. The most favorable time is from June to the end of July. In summer, you can go hiking, rafting along the rivers, as well as visit the largest northern lake in the world - Lake Taimyr. Photo by Maciej Besta, Alexey Danchukov, Igor Chukreev.

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