Mount Tepsey

Tepsey is a magnificent two-headed mountain with a height of 639 meters, located on the right bank of the Yenisei, at the mouth of the Tuba River. This mountain, shrouded in many legends, was considered sacred for several millennia. Ancient people created their shrines and cemeteries here. They left numerous cave paintings and runic inscriptions (more than 1.5 thousand), which you can see if you are careful. For 150 years now, Mount Tepsey has been the subject of close scrutiny by historians. Tepsey is still fraught with many mysteries ... In addition, at the foot of this mountain and at some distance from it on the banks of the Yenisei, there is a pine grove with a sandy beach, where you can relax in the summer. How to get there The first option: from Krasnoyarsk to Minusinsk, and then along the road going to Krasnoturansk to the village of Gorodok. From Gorodok - on the road to Nikolo-Petrovka village, passing which you move further along the Gulf of Tuba. The second option: from Krasnoyarsk to Novoselovo, from where the ferry goes in the summer. The ferry will transfer you to the other side of the Krasnoyarsk Sea. Then 150 km to Krasnoturansk, after - on a dirt road. Leaving the primer, we go towards Minusinsk. In front of the Tuba River, turn right to Listvyagovo village (there is a sign on the side of the road) and drive along a dirt road for about 12 km. You can get to the mountain itself from the water from the reservoir side, driving through a toll entrance (yes, there is a barrier), or directly uphill, but with obstacles in the form of fire ditches. This is a detour. Photo by Vadim Belovolov

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