Pyramid Mountain in Krasnoyarsk

TVK news in its rubric 'A Little Journey' recently talked about an unusual mountain, which is located near Krasnoyarsk. In some sources, it is called the Magan Pyramid or Mount Belaya. Its height is 150 meters.

In forums where paranormal phenomena are discussed, experts say that the pyramid mountain consists of several rocky rocks and has a relatively regular shape (which can be clearly seen in satellite photographs), which may indicate its artificial origin.

They say that at the top people who are especially sensitive to energies do not feel anything special, but the steady stream going in the direction of the road is very strong. Perhaps the flow failure occurred due to the destruction of one of the faces of the pyramid or, alternatively, there is still some kind of energy source under the hill.

How to get there
It is not difficult to find the pyramid - you need to go towards Zykovo Village, you will see the mountain at the entrance to Svishchevo. The whole journey will take a little more than 40 minutes, 30 km and 2.5 liters of gasoline. It is better to start your journey from the side of a holiday village. If you want to make a photo of it as a souvenir, from a height - you will not be able to fly close. The technique is confusing by a strong magnetic field - why cannot this be the evidence of an anomalous zone?!

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