Football club "Yenisei"

FC Yenisei is a professional Krasnoyarsk football club founded in 1937 under the name “Lokomotiv”.

Over the 80 years of the club's existence, there have been many changes: 12 team records were set, several names were changed and a new official name was acquired - “Yenisei”. During this time, several coaching staffs were replaced, the longest of all was Yuri Urinovich, who was the head coach for 8 years. Dozens of generations have also grown, some individuals even became history. The club grew, developed, and awards and achievements appeared at the same pace, which promoted it to the world level.

The season of 2016-2017 was really remarkable for all Krasnoyarsk football. Yenisei for the first time in history won the FNL bronze medals and until the last minute it fought for access to the Premier League, and knocked out the current champion from the Russian Cup – CSKA.

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