Films about the Krasnoyarsk region


Welcome to the film library, where we collect films shot in the vast expanses of our Krasnoyarsk region! Enjoy watching!

“Guardians of Siberia - Dixon. Forgotten in the Arctic "(2018)

Dickson is the northernmost urban settlement in the world. In the 80s of the last century, more than 5,000 people lived here. And about 300 people live here now. It is closer to the North Pole from here than to Krasnoyarsk and Moscow, and the polar night here lasts for many months.

"Frozen Time" (2015)

The picture tells how the mighty nature of the Batiushka-Yenisei affects the human soul, makes an artist out of him. The heroes of the stories are ordinary people of our day, fishermen and hunters from the Yenisei. Their life is warm and cold, love and death, road and home. Here they love the exact word and build everything with their own hands, from a log house to their own destiny. Everything here is rough, sometimes tender ... and always real.

“Wings. The Gate of the Far North "(2015)

A film is about the initial stage of the history of polar aviation from 1925 to 1935. The pilots who laid the first routes in the Arctic North were engaged in cartography of vast expanses of Siberia and the Far East, and rescued passengers of ships trapped in ice. Every day is like a feat.

"Territory" (2014)

You will discover the boundless spaces of the Putorana plateau, where the tundra meets the ice hummocks of the Arctic Ocean. The harsh Russian north that few can challenge. The territory is a place where people are tested for strength. Geologist Ilya Chinkov, obsessed with the idea of finding the legendary gold of the Territory, gathers a team of daredevils ready to put everything at stake, including their own lives.

"Siberian Barber" (1998)

The famous historical epic of Nikita Mikhalkov was filmed in a huge number of places - including Krasnoyarsk, Khakassia, Biryusa and Mana. One of the first screenings of "The Barber" in Russia took place in Krasnoyarsk, in the "Luch" cinema - this film, the city and the region are closely connected.

"Scarlet Stone" (1986)

The main character of the melodrama "The Scarlet Stone" is passing through Krasnoyarsk, on the way to another destination - but at the same time a whole tour of our city is arranged in the frame with views that any inhabitant of the regional capital is pleased to recognize .

"Three times about love" (1980)

A native of the Bogotolsk region, director Viktor Tregubovich brought the film crew of this melodrama, led by the stars Sergei Prokhanov and Marina Levtova, to the vicinity of his hometown. The film tells about a collective farm driver who returns from the army and finds out that his beloved has married.

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