Festival “Subbotino Strawberry”

Every year at the end of June or in early July in the cozy village of Subbotino, in Shushensky district, the juiciest festival of the South of Krasnoyarsk Region – “Subbotino strawberries” takes place. Remember this name, because nowhere you will not find so much sweet, fragrant and delicious berries! The village of Subbotino has long been profiled on garden strawberries, because Subbotino citizens, like no other, know a lot about it. In the agrofest program:

◈ sale of ripe berries and unique little things made by the hands of local craftsmen
◈ master classes for gardeners
◈ excursion program for participants of master classes on strawberry plantations
◈ costume procession and concert program from the best bands of the region
◈ disco under the stars and interactive contests
◈ fireworks

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