Divnogorskaya vidovka

We believe that you should definitely know how to get to a place with stunning views of the city of Divnogorsk! It is located on the left bank of the Yenisei, opposite the central square and the waterfront of Divnogorsk.

The route to Divnogorskaya Vidovka, depending on the time of year, takes on average 4 hours, in the opposite direction you will move a little faster and get there in 3.5 hours. During a leisurely walk, you will have time to arrange a small picnic, a photo session against the backdrop of endless taiga, rocky shores and views of Divnogorsk and Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. The length of the walking part in both directions is 13.8 km.

The line of the route runs partly along the ridge; most of the trail runs along the Malaya Listvennaya stream. The path neatly bends around the hills, very slowly going up, providing a smooth climb. Coming out of the taiga into an open space, you are amazed by the beauty of the place and the height. Divnogorskaya vidovka is located on the top of a mountain range at an altitude of about 400 meters above the Yenisei.

Fresh air, a small number of tourists, breathtaking views of the steep cliffs, panoramas of Divnogorsk, the hydroelectric power station and the Yenisei attract travelers who are in love with Siberian nature.

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How to get there?


From the center of Krasnoyarsk you need to go in the direction of Divnogorsk along the M-54 highway. Passing Divnogorsk, we get to the road bridge over the Yenisei, on the left side you will clearly see the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. At the end of the movement along the bridge, you will see a building (a security post or a former traffic police station), after which you need to turn right and go down onto a dirt road. The road is rolled, and you can get to your destination by car. Drive to the dead end - it is only one there, you will not pass by. There is a parking lot here. You're at the place! Park and start your journey, moving along the coast.


Option number 1. Go to the intercity bus station in Krasnoyarsk. You can check in advance the timetable for intercity buses on the website: krasavtovokzal.ru or find out information.  You can get to the Bus Station in Divnogorsk on these buses: 146, 588А, 587. Upon arrival at the Divnogorsk Bus Station, you will need to call a taxi. The trip will cost about 310 rubles one way. How to get to the starting point of the route to the observation deck "Divnogorskaya Vidovka", see the option "Car".

Option number 2. From the terminus at Predmostnaya Square, you can get to the Bus Station in Divnogorsk by shuttle bus number 106. Then, you need to call a taxi. How to get to the starting point of the route to the observation deck "Divnogorskaya Vidovka", see the option "Car".


You can get to the starting point of the route using a taxi. A trip from the center of Krasnoyarsk will cost you around 1400 rubles one way. But if you go in a company of 2-3 people, then you can save your budget a little.


You can get to the railway station in Divnogorsk from the station "Krasnoyarsk" (railway station), as well as from the station Yenisei, (see the train schedule on kraspg.ru). Call a taxi upon arrival. The trip will cost you about 290 rubles one way. How to get to the starting point of the route to the observation deck "Divnogorskaya Vidovka", see the option "Car".

* We recommend that you check the exact cost of taxi services, bus and railway tickets, as well as route numbers and their schedule immediately before your departure.

How to get to the Divnogorskaya Vidovka observation deck?

Option number 1 (mostly winter option)
Starting the way along the bank of the Yenisei, you need to go to the trail to the left, where the ascent begins up the ravine into the mountains. This path will lead you in an easier, but longer way (+2 km) to the vidovka. First, you will have to walk along the stream - it may not freeze everywhere, therefore it is necessary to cross it in compliance with safety rules (also in the warm season), then the trail goes through the forest. Keep in mind that the snow can be quite deep in winter. The trails are marked and color coded: "Marathon" "Railway station Karaulnaya - Divnogorsk".

Option number 2 (suitable for cold and warm seasons)

Instead of "Divnogorskaya vidovka" you can climb the ridge. Go to the trail to the left, where the ascent begins up the ravine into the mountains. The climb is quite steep at times here. But there are more beautiful places along the way. Go up and up and the view of Divnogorsk, Yenisei and beautiful rocks opens up in front of you more and more. From here, if there is no fog, the bridge and the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station are clearly visible. This route is suitable for those who do not like long climbs; here you can climb any ledge and make a halt.

● Take a flashlight with you as it gets dark early
● Trekking poles make climbing and descending easier
● Download the "Krasnoyarsk Hiking" application in the AppStore and Google Play
● Walk the route as part of a group
● Beware of wild animals
● In the summer, do not forget about ticks
● Call the Ministry of Emergency Situations by phones 01 or 101 and indicate the route

The route is suitable for age group 14+

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