Tourism Day in Krasnoyarsk

On September 27-29, Krasnoyarsk will celebrate Tourism Day

International Tourism Day this year will be held in a variety of formats. Every resident or guest of Krasnoyarsk, be it an athlete who cannot imagine his life without activity, a family man who does not part with his loved ones, or a contemplator who pfers to spend his time leisurely and informatively, will find something to their liking at this holiday.

Festive events will begin on September 27, but the main and most eventful day will be September 28, Saturday.

► For the whole family, Saturday can become a museum day, especially since some museums will offer a free entry. And every half hour, you can go on a free walking tour around Krasnoyarsk from the square in front of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Philharmonic or Revolution Square. In the Eco-Park "Gremyachaya Griva" from 12 to 14 o'clock will be arranged a children's quest "My first trip" for the youngest. Also, in the "Gremyachaya Griva" and on Revolution Square, ordinary passers-by will be able to feel like 360 ° tourists using a video spinner - this interactive location will appeal to both children and adults.

► For people who like cultural and contemplative recreation, there will be organized a film screening of a film about the Krasnoyarsk region in the Film House (Dom Kino), free excursions to the Bishops' House and the Museum of the Krasnoyarsk Railroad, a bus and walking tour "Sports Krasnoyarsk" and a day trip on the excursion train "Divnogorskaya Riviera" ... From 11:00 to 12:00, in the eco-pavilion of the Gremyachaya Griva, among the pines and squirrels, the Veresk ensemble will perform for lovers of Russian folklore. In the evening you can test your knowledge and logic in the tourist quiz.

► Athletes will also have something to do during these three days. On September 27, the evening race "Yenisei Vertical" starts from the Bobrovy Log funpark, you need to sign up for it in advance. On September 28, the most active people will be able to take a free excursion around the Stolby reserve, go on a hike to Gradovskie vidovki or on a “Terrible excursion” to the Devil's Finger rock (Chertov palec), test their strength and nerves in the overcoming race “Trial by Siberia” in Podgorny, watch a demonstration performance of climbers under the Communal Bridge, take part in the difficult race "Yenisei Trail" on the territory of Stolby, and mark the final day of the holiday, September 29, with a race from the Krasnoyarsk dam "MegaWatt Trail" at 42 and 72 km.

Tourism day. Adventure at every turn!

◉Friends, please note that registration for excursions to the Bishops' House, to Stolby, to the Railway Museum, to a children's quest and a tourist quiz is conducted only on weekdays, during working hours, from 9:00 to 18:00 by phone +7 ( 391) 215-00-02. Thank you for understanding :)


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