Deschambinsky lake

Where the Kova River climbs into the most impenetrable taiga jungle of the Kezhemsky district, there is a healing Deshebinsky lake ... The fame of Deshembinsky Lake went far beyond the borders of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Irkutsk Region. And the matter is not only in the miraculous sapropel mud, which is rich in its bottom. The mystical story of the Devil's Cemetery located in its vicinity, a mysterious clearing where plants and animals accidentally wandered here, is closely connected with Desheshbinsky Lake. And Deshembinsky Lake itself, on the contrary, is considered life-giving. Experienced tourists note that on its shore a person seems to be reborn, receives a powerful charge of positive energy and strength, and feels complete peace.

Local residents have been aware of the extraordinary healing properties of the taiga reservoir for more than 100 years. Clinical trials of sapropelic mud in the treatment of skin, gynecological diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, pronounced positive results. And here you can pick up mussels right along the coast!

How to get there
To go to the lake is very far, about 1000 km, it is located on the border of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Irkutsk Region. The path is long and it is not so short to tell. But on the Internet there is a detailed description of the route. Let’s say right away, it’s better to go there on an offroadster, because at the entrance to the lake itself it’s the bumpy road!

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