"Black coat " in Norilsk

From 14 to 18 February, Norilsk will host the Festival of  Fashion and Contemporary Art “Black Coat”.

The origins of the festival was the shooting of Olga Proskurnina's film "Black Coat" based on the story of Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, which took place in Norilsk in 2018 with the participation of actors from the Arctic Drama Theater. The pmiere of the film will be on February 14 at the Rodina cinema.

The start of the festival will be an avant-garde fashion show of young Russian designers, which will be held at the Copper Plant, in the galleries between the workshops. Also on the first day of the festival in the shopping center "Arena" exhibitions of photographers Sergei Novikov "Norilskkino" and Danila Tkachenko "Planetarium" will open.

The abandoned building of the Scientific and Technical Library in the city center will turn into an art object with installations and performances on the materializing memory. And in the Arctic Museum of Modern Art, pop-ups of the festival participants will work, public lectures on fashion and art of the 21st century will be held.

The headliner of the festival is Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, the writer, poet and playwright. She will perform with the program “Pani Petrushevskaya's Cabaret” and will hold a children's party based on her fairy tales in the City Library. The festival will end on the stage of the Arctic Drama Theater with a restored performance by Dmitry Brusnikin based on Petrushevskaya's play "He is in Argentina". One of the main roles in the play will be played by the actress Roza Khairullina, born in Norilsk.

In general, it will be cool.

Source: colta.ru
Photo: Christophe Jacrot

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