What to do on vacation in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Vacations are a small life and an opportunity for a great feat! Do not sit at home and cottages - make discoveries! Here are 20 ideas on how to spend your vacation on the Krasnoyarsk land and make it interesting and amazing:

► go hiking in the mysterious Kuturchinsky Belogorye
► visit the museum-estate of Astafiev in the village of Ovsyanka
► climb the mystical Black Hill Magan Pyramid, which is near Krasnoyarsk
► take a shower under the 30-meter Chinzhebsky waterfall
► gain strength on Mount Tepsey in the Minusinsk district
► Rafting on the Mana River
► go hiking in Ergaki
► take a boat trip along the Yenisei River from Krasnoyarsk to Divnogorsk
► arrange a campsite on the shores of Lake Bolshoi or Lake Krugloye in the Sharypovsky District
► take a swim in the holy Monastryskoye Lake near Yeniseisk
► live in cozy houses in the very center of the Stolby reserve at the Narym base.
Take a trip to Yeniseisk and enjoy its 400-year history
► conquer the Borus ridge and its highest point - 2318 meters
► hurry to see the Mans noose
► go down to the dark halls of Zhenevskaya, Partizanskaya, Karaulnaya, Bolshaya Oreshnaya, or Badzheyskaya caves
► dance wholeheartedly in the open air at the festival of ethnic music and crafts "World of Siberia"
► look with your own eyes at the largest power plant in Russia - the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric station
► cruise the Krasnoyarsk Sea by boat or yacht
► personally verify the authenticity of the ancient petroglyphs of the Shalobolin writings
► and find the Taseevsky idol!

This is only a small part of what you can do in the Krasnoyarsk Territory ... Be sure, you will not be bored!

Photo: Alexander Nerozya

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