Spider man

There are two “grandfathers” in the Stolby reserve in Krasnoyarsk: one is a stone, according to geologists, is about 9 million years old, the second is younger, he is about 60, although no one knows for sure his age. He climbs the Stolby for most of his life, borrowing invulnerability from his stone brother. His name is Andrey Didukh, but all the locals call him Grandfather Andronych. The amazing man has a steel pss, cleverly climbs over steep rocks without special equipment and stands for a healthy lifestyle, speaking sharply negatively about smoking and alcohol.

Grandfather Andronych belongs to a completely unique movement of stolbists, which has set the tone for all of Russia for several decades. Thanks to this movement, climbing is much more popular in the Krasnoyarsk Territory than in other regions, and hiking in the mountains or just nature for local residents is not considered something extraordinary.

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