Biathlete Olga Medvedtseva

Olga Valerevna Medvedtseva (Pyleva) is a symbol of the Russian biathlon of the two thousandth, a native resident of Krasnoyarsk and a beautiful mother of four children. Olga started skiing early - at the age of seven, while relaxing at the Fir-tree camp site. But she enrolled in the sports section only in the fourth grade, and Gary Edler became her first ski coach. The ski area became the main type of her activity: she trained hard, which led to double victories at the World Junior Championships and to well-deserved silver and bronze medals in individual disciplines.

In 2000, Olga moved to biathlon and in a fairly short time became one of the leading biathletes.

From the first performances, Pyleva proved herself to be a balanced biathlete - unlike many former colleagues in the ski comminity, she quickly learned to shoot and avoid disruptions at the shooting range. One can add to this a good move (the ski past cannot but tell) - and we get a top-level athlete.

 In the spring of 2010, Olga announced the end of her sports career at the end of the season and on April 4, 2010 at the Russian Championships, Olga Medvedtseva went to the official start in the relay race, in which, together with A. Bogaliy-Titovets, M. Demidova, T. Zevakhina won a victory.


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