Take care of the lice for the wedding, tungus!

We found a very funny note by the geodesist Kozlovsky in 1781, in which he tells how the matchmaking ceremony took place among the Angara Tungus of the Chapagir clan. The author’s spelling is pserved: “When Chepogir decides to marry the girl he liked, he sends a matchmaker, giving him a rein and an iron burbot, like a knife. When the matchmaker comes to the bride in a yurt, firstly, having stuck a dalma, he will hang it, and with an iota with a bride’s father he will enter into a conversation about the number of kalym. Having agreed, he fights the bride and without any ceremony takes her to the groom, and he, too, having easily accepted the bride, first tells her to look for lice in his head, and then they go to bed. ”
Here it is, friends! The true proof of love and fidelity! Do not disdain to rid your close one of lice - then you are in love!

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