Badzheyskaya Cave

Badzheyskaya cave is located in the Mansky district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, 4 km from the village of Stepnoy Badzhei. Among other caves of the Mansky district, it stands out for its spacious grottoes, the psence of a large underground lake and a stream with cascades - it is called “Porcelain”. The "interior" of the cave is characterized by underdeveloped sinter formations repsented by miniature stalactites and stalagmites. By its origin, the cave belongs to the karst caves of a combined type - such caves are formed where water erodes the rocks. That means that they can only be found in places where soluble limestone, dolomite, chalk, marble, gypsum, salt and others lie ... Well, where there was once water. The caves of karst origin are the longest, and the Badgei caves are considered the largest cave in the world in conglomerates. The length of its roads is almost 6.5 km, and the depth is 170 m. Photo by Pavel Davydov

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