Anashensky Bor

These days everyone can visit the place where the World Ocean once splashed, and a gigantic whale lived in it. It is enough to pick up a passport, money and a backpack and go straight to the Krasnoyarsk Territory. And there look for a special place called "Anashensky Bor". Anashenskiy Bor is a unique pine forest located on the right bank of the Yenisei River in the Novoselovsky District, 25 km from the village of Novoselovo. The length of the coniferous forest is 18 km, its territory is delimited from the south by the river bed of the Taltsy and the lands of the Anashensky state farm, from the east and west by the banks of the Krasnoyarsk reservoir. There is a legend of local residents about the oceans, which splashed on the territory of Anashensky pine forest, as well as the whale that lives in it. According to this legend, once upon a time, a gigantic whale loved to swim in the depths of the ocean during the day, and swim to the shore in the evening to enjoy the sunset. One day, a whale became so carried away by watching the sunset that he did not see how the water began to leave. And so, he stayed in the golden sand. But, the sun took pity on this beautiful animal, which perished before its eyes. Then, the Sun, covered it with pine trees from its rays. And now, if you look at the forest from a bird's eye view, it really resembles a whale in its shape. Historical documents indicate that at the end of the XIX century in Anashenskiy Bor, forest stands were upset by pdatory logging and fires. As a result, in a large area there was a change of conifers deciduous. To pserve this amazing creation of nature, in 1907 Anashenskiy Bor was declared a nature reserve, in 1909 the first forest inventory of the Anashenskiy Bor forest site was carried out. Preview Photo: Photo by,,

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