Achinsk Museum of Local Lore

Achinsk Museum of Local Lore is a visiting card of the city. Only here you can find out almost everything that interests experts and lovers of the history of the city of Achinsk and the Achinsk region.

Achinsk was the third city in the Krasnoyarsk region, after Minusinsk and Yeniseisk, where a museum appeared. The Achinsk Museum was opened at the library and was located in the building of the city government, and its first exhibits were placed in only three cabinets. 

Established more than 100 years ago, the museum of local lore is still the treasure of the city, a place where people of any age can come and get acquainted with the historical and cultural heritage of the Prichulym region. For lovers of travelling and hiking, the museum offers a tour route to the Aydashin cave, an archaeological monument of the Neolithic era. You can buy an unusual souvenir, a breastplate of one of the city officials of the late 19th century, or a piece of the rare nepheline mineral that brings success to the wearer to remember the museum and Achinsk.



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