5 entertaining electric train journeys

Literally over the past 5 years, the forced transport of thousands of Krasnoyarsk summer residents has come close to the standards of a full-fledged urban and suburban public transport. There are 5,000 trips daily on weekdays. For those who live and work near stops, the electric train is equivalent to the metro - comfortable, guaranteed without traffic jams, strictly on schedule, in the company of the same disciplined workers.

But on the weekend, you can go on a real adventure by electric train.  Moreover, the trip itself will be part of it. Find the schedule on the kraspg.ru website and see where you can go by rail, what to see, and most importantly -  return to the city on time. The cost of one trip is from 22 rubles. Pay in cash or a transport card, or you can also pay through the "Krasprigorod" app.

► Route number 1 - Krasnoyarsk - Divnogorsk - Krasnoyarsk

You can go for the whole day. The train leaves from the railway station at 09:09. But if you live on the right bank you can leave your area directly from the “Yenisei” station to “the Bobrovy log”. Take a sit at the window on the right side in the direction of travel, it is impossible to look away from the views of the Yenisei.

You can go back to Krasnoyarsk at 16:20 and 20:25.

What to do in Divnogorsk:

● Walk along the waterfront. It is big and beautiful at any time of the year. Mountain views are a separate pleasure.
● Go around the whole city in search of interesting locations. Some places are nicely immersed in nostalgia for the USSR.

There is an option for a short trip - an electric train from Krasnoyarsk at 17:50, and you have exactly 1.5 hours to walk along the waterfront.


Route number 2 - Krasnoyarsk - Ovsyanka - Krasnoyarsk

Go in the same direction to Divnogorsk. The village is famous for the fact that Victor Astafiev was born and lived here. In the village there is a
museum complex dedicated to the writer, it includes a house-museum, where authentic furnishings and personal belongings are pserved, as well as a museum of the story "The Last Bow", which Astafyev had been writing for over 30 years. This museum is also called "The House of Grandmother Catherine".

What to do in Ovsyanka:

● Visit museums
● Go to the river and be in silence
● Enter the wooden church of St. Innocent with a free-standing bell tower

If you go there for all day, take your lunch with you. You cannot find traditional cafes in Ovsyanka.

► Route number 3 "Kamenka - Yudinka"

Going to the two great public spaces of Krasnoyarsk can be connected with a short trip around the city.  Park "Kamenka" is located in the Kirovsky district of Krasnoyarsk, next to the Zlobino station, from which trains depart with good regularity towards the Krasnoyarsk station. To get to the Yudin museum-estate, you need to get off at the “ZhD Bolnitsa” stop. It is right after the bridge over the Yenisei.

Park "Kamenka". A great place where you can spend time interestingly, (with children too). Festivals, picnics, fairs, and master classes are regularly held here.
Yudin Museum-estate is the only surviving merchant dacha in Krasnoyarsk on the banks of the Yenisei, turned into an interesting museum complex with a large open area with photo location in the shape of a heart and a beautiful view of the Yenisei and Torgashinsky ridge. 

You can extend your trip to the still not so popular and well-maintained "Ozero Park". There is only one electric train directly from Zlobino to the Myasokombinat stop - at 14:07 and only on Saturdays.

Route number 4 Krasnoyarsk-Petryashino-Krasnoyarsk

Petryashino station is in the east direction. Travel time is about an hour. The ticket price is 50 rubles. There are a lot of trains in this direction on weekends, so feel free to choose the one that is convenient for you. The only thing is to find out the rush hour of the return of summer residents to the city, so as not to be in a crowded carriage.

What to do in Petryashino:

● The famous pyramid mountain is located here. In some sources it is called the Magan pyramid or Mountain Belaya. It is a 150-meter-high peak with smooth edges. The place attracts various mystics, and in September 2019 an Orthodox cross was installed there.
● There is another hill away from the Pyramid, which local summer residents call Berdash. For the sake of beautiful landscapes, you can climb it. The entire landscape in this area is created for admiring, especially in autumn.

You can get to the station Zykovo from Petryashino in the same way - it is literally across the bus stop. There is an Orthodox church, consecrated in honor of the Archangel Michael. On the parish territory there is a mineral spring with a bathhouse and a stone chapel in the name of the Monk Elder Seraphim of Sarov.

Route No. 5 Krasnoyarsk-Uyar-Krasnoyarsk

The longest adventure for real fans. It's more than two hours on the road, so take some food and patience, or even a pillow for sleeping. The cost of a one-way ticket is 170 rubles. Trains leave from Krasnoyarsk station at 8:30 and 9:56 am. You don't really need to linger there, so we advise you to go back at 16:18.

What to see in Uyar:

● Water tower. A unique building, built in 1900. The tower is recognized as a cultural heritage site, and it is still functioning. Recently, Russian Railways handed over the tower to the municipality, and its façade was restored.
● Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior. Built in 1974 according to a standard project in the style of Russian classicism on donations and funds from the Siberian Cossacks.
● For true connoisseurs of regional history and architecture, there are several old buildings, such as the railway station. A cultural heritage site of regional importance, built in the same year as the tower - 1900.

Photo: Mikhail Katkov and authors unknown to us.

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