The Krasnoyarsk Stolby National Park opens for tourists on June 19

On Friday, June 19, the Krasnoyarsk Stolby National Park will finally be opened for tourists. However, there are only 4 routes:
● ‘Nature is a great sculptor’ (Central District),
● ‘Journey to the Chinese Wall’,
● ‘Meeting with Takmak’,
● ‘The Way to Ermak’ (Takmakovsky District).
The rest of the recreational area is temporarily closed to ensure the safety of visitors, due to the risk of falling dead trees and encountering dangerous wildlife. The tourist and service centers, shopping pavilions, and the guest town are also closed until all restrictions are canceled. So take your food with you. And the section from the First to the Third Pillar is also closed, but there is an alternative path to bypass. For the convenience of visitors, stands with information are installed at the entrance to the park and along the routes.
◉ Tours will be conducted only for individual tourists and family groups up to 4 people.
► Details and a map of open routes on the official website of the park
Photo by Petr Urozaev

Published: 18.06.2020
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