Ideas for children 's leisure in Krasnoyarsk

We know what to do with children in the cold season. Save our list, there is entertainment for everyone!

Outdoor walks : in Central Park we recommend taking a ride on the children's railroad, at the Troy Park family recreation center , children will surely be delighted with the safari, little pirates will love the Treasure Island theme park, and the Bobrovy Log fun park both children and adults will have fun, and in the Eco-Park "Gremyachaya Griva" everything is perfect - playgrounds, clean forests, and fresh air. There are also cool playgrounds on Tatyshev Island, on the left-bank and right-bank waterfronts, in Surikov park, in the Pokrovsky park, in the park of the 400th anniversary of Krasnoyarsk, well, and there are also stunning swings on Revolution Square and places for feeding ducks under the Vantovy bridge!

Children's entertainment centers : “Magic Land” is a whole city with entertainment, labyrinths, attractions and more; Banana Park is an ultra-modern and vibrant active recreation park for children under 12; "Giant's Loft" is a place where you can feel like a midget and take unique photos with the giant's things.

Sports entertainment : "ArenaLaser" is a sports and entertainment center with laser labyrinths, laser tag and virtual reality in a space style; “Vyshe kryshi” offers a space with trampolines and a foam rubber pit with a total area of 770 sq.m for little fidgets; they are ready to teach your children to conquer the peaks from the age of 2 on the climbing walls "Yuzhny" on Vavivova, "Rocky" on Dubrovinsky and "Sportex" on Otdykha Island.

Communication with animals: everything about horseback riding can be found on our website, choose one of the thematic diving activities in the animal world in the Roev Ruchey flora and fauna park  , and visit amazing contact pets at the Koza Dereza farm.

Creative workshops: in the sand-painting studio "Sand City" your children will be taught how to draw with sand, will be shown sand fairy tales and will conduct sand therapy; Bellini Kids hold fun culinary master classes for children from 4 to 12 years old in the restaurants “Pertsy”, “Mamas”, “Formaggi”, “Yakitoria”; teachers will reveal the abilities of children and give the necessary skills of theatrical art in a playful way in the children's theater "Rozovaya strana".

Scientific experiments: Newton Park is an interactive museum, where each exhibit is ready to contact guests; park of miracles "Galileo" is a space of wonders of engineering and volumetric illusions; Scientific show of Professor Zvezdunov is an informative and not boring gift for any children's celebration.

Excursions to factories: your children can learn the secret of large production processes on special children's excursions, which are conducted, for example, at the Coca-Cola plant, at the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant, at the Krascon confectionery and pasta factory and the Biryusinka toy factory.

Children's excursions are very diverse - there are classic, natural, interactive, quests, and professional. You can apply for an organization to the center of educational and animation excursions "Raduga", to the travel company "Zarnitsa", to the tour operator "Sayan Ring" or to the tour operator "Gorod Skazka".  

Theaters: you can introduce children to theatrical art, and at the same time to engage them for 1.5-2 hours, in the Theater of the Young Spectator and the Puppet Theater. There are such performances that even parents will like in the repertoire. The Krasnoyarsk Regional Philharmonic has a whole series of subscriptions, classes and fairy tales for children from 0 to 10 years old. There is also a children's cinema in our city, is called "Mechta" and is located on the right bank, at Michurina, 30.

Museums: The Museum of Geology of Central Siberia "GEOS" conducts fascinating immersion excursions into the world of minerals and stones, the Museum of the History of the Krasnoyarsk Railway has developed an educational excursion for children from 6 years old, the Astafiev Literary Museum  is saturated with the myths of Siberia, which will be of interest to both children and adults, in the Museum-Estate of Yudin organizes master classes, music clubs and interesting excursions around the old merchant's dacha, and in the Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum of Local Lore, your children will certainly enjoy a virtual exhibition, interactive events, a museum theater and family clubs for all ages.

And the bonus:

Cafe where you can go with your child: Cafe Baskin Robbins - a paradise for ice cream lovers, Cafe Green Villa Pizza - a pleasant atmosphere, convenient location, and most importantly - there is a children's room; Mama's family restaurant is a place to come with children, there is a children's menu with healthy dishes and a children's room with a babysitter.

* Before visiting locations, we advise you to clarify their operating hours.

Photo: Banana Park, Christina Chipizubova, Giant's Loft.

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