Geneva cave

Geneva Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, located 18 kilometers from the Gulf of Shumikha. Here, for millions of years, water erodes rocks and makes its way, forming long passages, huge halls and black dips. The length of the moves of the Geneva Cave is 5,284 meters and a depth of 60 meters. It is part of a system of 70 karst caves in the lower Biryusa and the environs of Biryusinsky Bay.

The Geneva Cave has permanent glaciers, ice walls, calcite flowers, underground lakes, fluorescent walls, corolites, pagodas, curtains, stalactites, stalagmites and stalagnates. (For reference: stalactites are icicles of different sizes hanging from the ceiling of the cave, and stalagmites - icicles growing from the floor of the cave. Stalagnite is a growth that connects the ceiling and floor of the cave.) The Grotto Hermitage and the Grotto Venets are especially decorated, in which there is a glacier with magnificent ice gates.

What is important:

The visit requires an experienced guide and good physical shape. The recommended month of visit is February-mid-March, when the ice on the reservoir is the strongest and the glacier inside the cave is dry. In summer, the cave can be reached by boat, yacht or kayak, and in winter - skiing in the Krasnoyarsk Sea.

Photo by Dmitry Yurlagin

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