Welcome Spring at Siberian Maslenitsa in Sukhobuzimskoye

The festival of folk culture Siberian Maslenitsa will take place on the 26th of February in the Village of Sukhobuzimskoye in Krasnoyarsk region. We invite you to welcome spring, enjoy the original art, feel the metal unity and the unique national colour in the place, that inspired Vasiliy Surikov to create his famous “The Capture of the Snow Fortress”. Lots of interactive grounds, including that by the Tourist Information Centre of the Krasnoyarsk region, will be waiting for guests.


Maslenitsa celebrations will be held from 10.00 to 16.00 and will start with great fair. During the whole day at the central streets of the village there will be shopping arcades and farmsteads with pancakes, generous treats, local manufactures’ products and handicraft goods by the local talented craftsmen. At 11 at oclock the main festival program starts. We will welcome spring with horse-riding, active games, round dance.  Krasnoyarsk leading singers and collectives will sing ritual songs and show bright performances. At the main stage folk theatre Ladov Den’, folk choir of the Krasnoyarsk College of Arts named after P.I.Ivanov-Radkevich and Dunya band from Minusinsk will perform.  


The guests will be warmly welcomed at the ground of the Tourist Information Centre of Krasnoyarsk region. At the original stand, fully made of ice, everyone can get acquainted with diverse tourist routes around Yenisey Siberia.  Specialists from the Tourist Information Centre will tell about interesting places of the merchants and gold-miners town of Minusinsk, trips to the alive like amazing rocks in the national park Krasnoyarsk Stolby, recreation at the healing lake of Shira, glamping at Belyo lake and more.   At the same place the visitors of the stand will have an opportunity to taste such traditional Siberian drinks as aroma sbiten and scented herbal tea, by the way, each glass of it is served with a baked bagel!


You can get involved to the world of art in Sukhobuzimskiy District Museum of Local Studies. The museum specialists will show the notes and personal belongings of a great Russian artist Vasiliy Surikov, who had lived in the Siberian province for several years and worked right here at his famous picture The Capture of the Snow Fortress.


The organisers have taken care of the youngest guests. A separate playground will be organized for children in the street.  In the Culture House the actors of the Krasnoyarsk Puppets Theatre will show a kind interactive performance for families The Dog That Couldn’t Bark twice – at 11:00 and 13:00. Here during the interval creative master-classes will be held, and during the whole day parents will be able to use a baby care room.

Gambling visitors will enjoy the competition program. The participants will take part in the races of creative sledges and Russian national costumes defile, psent their own variants of the effigy of winter. And what Maslenitsa without fun pillar? All the braves who decide to climb to its top will get branded souvenirs of Yenisey Siberia.  The luckiest one will gain the main prize by the Tourist Information Centre – a certificate for 50 thousand rubles for an excited trip around the beauties of Krasnoyarsk region, Tyva and Khakassia.  


The most spectacular event of the festival is the traditional capture of the snow fortress by horse riders and foot warriors, jiggling, wall-to-wall fights and different demonstration of men prowess. The theatre reconstruction of an ancient Kazaks entertainment will begin at 14:00. It will be broadcasted on-line at the web-site Культура24.рф. The festival will finish with the ceremony of the Maslenitsa effigy burning and mass round dance.  


Event organisers: Centre of International and Regional Cultural Relations, Admistration of Sukhobuzimskiy district with the support of the Ministry for Culture of Krasnoyarsk Region.

Event partners: informational portal Культура24.рф,informational portal visitsiberia.info. Read everything about travelling in Yenisey Siberia here!

Technical partner of the festival on-line broadcasting – Krasnoyarsk branch of Rostelecom PJSC.

Photo: altai-republic.ru

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